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The Official Wildlife and Fine Art Photographer of Florida
Mangrove Mantra - Old Florida
Mangrove Mantra - Old Florida

The Work of Alan S. Maltz, Fine Art Photographer in Key West

A camera is as much an artist’s tool as a painter’s palette, potter’s wheel, or a sculptor ’s chisel. A digital camera is the tool of choice of Alan S. Maltz, a fine art photographer in Key West. Of course, living and working on this island offers him ample opportunity to capture the beauty of nature. However, he does not restrict his work to just one place. In the Alan S. Maltz Gallery, you find pictures from Florida, Manhattan, and even Marseilles, France.

About Maltz & His Art
Surprisingly, Maltz is self-taught. He picked up a camera after college graduation and took it along with him on a trip to Europe, where he took his first official photograph “Meeting in Marseilles.” He is recognized by VISIT FLORIDA as the Official Fine Art Photographer for the State of Florida and the Wildlife Foundation of Florida as the Official Wildlife Photographer for the state.

His subjects include everything from people to architecture to wildflowers and wildlife. His work is characterized by the use of light with an impact akin to layering colors of paint on a canvas. However, he also does stunning work in black and white.

In his fine art gallery, you discover the range of his work from a heron’s blue feathers reflected in foliage and water to the natural beauty of Lee County in water and sky to Florida birds with fabulous plumage.

Experience His Art in Galleries
Maltz has an extensive body of work. His work is available in a variety of mediums and a range of sizes and formats from standard to panoramic and double (diptych) to triple (triptych) photographs. His online gallery and his physical gallery in Key West are the places to start experiencing his art. You well may want to take some home or to the office to enjoy his fine art on a daily basis.

Contact us today or order Maltz’s fine art photography. Based in Key West, Florida, he serves customers with an eye for beauty.

PBS TV Interview: Alan S. Maltz on "Art Loft"

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